Recipes and ideas to make your own household items

Make your own homemade Craft items

Brown Ink
Make your own Brown Ink using ingredients such as tea bags, gum and water
Christmas Snow
Make your own Christmas Snow using ingredients such as starch, washing powder and food colouring
Finger paints
Make your own Finger paints using ingredients such as plain flour, water, glycerin & food colorings
Flower preserver
Make your own flower preserver with borax and cornmeal
Make your own Ink using ingredients such as black lamp, gum arabic, honey and egg
Modeling dough
Make your own Modeling dough using ingredients such as salt, cornflour, coloring and water
Make your own Papier-mâché using ingredients such as flour, water and newspapers
Make your own paste for papier-mâché projects using ingredients such as flour, sugar, water, alum and cinnamon
Make your own Postcards using items from around your home
Salt Beads
Make your own salt beads using salt, cornstarch, coloring and perfume
Salt garden
Make your own salt garden using water, ammonia, bluing, salt and coloring
Soap bubbles
Make your own Soap bubbles using ingredients such as dish detergent, glycerin and water
Watercolor paints
Make your own Watercolor paints using ingredients such as vinegar, baking powder, cornflour, glycerin and food colorings
Wool dye (Natural)
Make your own Natural wool dye using walnuts

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