Recipes and ideas to make your own household items

Make your own homemade Home remedies

Cold Remedy
Make your own Cold Remedy using ingredients such as cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic, vitamin C and water
Cough Drops
Make your own Cough Drops using ingredients such as horehound, water, sugar and butter
Cough Mixture
Make your own Cough Mixture using ingredients such as lemon, honey and water
Cough mixture (Onion)
Make your own Onion cough mixture using ingredients such as onions, honey, lemon and vodka
Cradle Cap Remedy
Make your own Cradle Cap Remedy using ingredients such as comfrey and water
Energizing tonic
Make your own energizing tonic using honey, water, cinnamon, cloves or lemon
Gargle mixture
Make your own Gargle mixture using ingredients such as water, cider vinegar, tabasco sauce, salt & essential oils
Ice cubes (Herbal)
Make your own herbal ice cubes using ingredients such as peppermint, cranberry juice and bitters
Make your own liniment using vinegar, egg and turpentine
Mouth ulcer treatment
Make your own Mouth ulcer treatment using ingredients such as oil of lemon, chamomile, sage and fennel
Mouthwash (Minty)
Make your own Minty mouthwash using ingredients such as, parsley, cloves, cinnamon, peppermint & water
Nappy - Diaper rash ointment
Make your own Nappy- Diaper rash ointment using ingredients such as chickweed, marshmallow root, comfrey, almond oil and beeswax
Nose drops
Make your own Nose drops using ingredients such as salt and water
Peppermint lotion
Make your own Peppermint lotion that will releive itching using ingredients such as linseed oil, turpentine and vinegar
Make your own Poultice for treating bruises and inflammation using ingredients such as comfry, wintergreen leaves and water
Rose vinegar
Make your own Rose vinegar to freshen your skin, treat sore throats and even as a salad dressing. Ingredients used such as rose petals, vinegar and water
Salt substitute
Make your own Salt substitute using ingredients such as cream of tartar, garlic, orange, lemon, pepper, dill, thyme and celery seasoning
Sore throat remedy
Make your own sore throat remedy with Honey, Lemon and Glycerin
Sunburn soother
Make your own Sunburn soother using ingredients such as tea bags, mint and water
Toothache treatment
Make your own Toothache treatment with oil of cloves

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