Recipes and ideas to make your own household items

Make your own homemade Insect killers

Ant deterrent #1
Make your own ant deterrent with flour and borax
Ant deterrent #2
You can make your own ant deterrent with Bonemeal or powdered charcoal or lemon
Ant deterrent #3
You can grow your own ant deterents such as Spearmint, Southernwood or Tansy
Aphid Spray
Make your own Aphid Spray using ingredients such as rhubarb, wormwood and water.
Cockroach Exterminator
Make your own Cockroach Exterminator using ingredients such as borax, flour and cocoa powder
Fly spray for horses
Make a fly spray for horses using Dish soap, vinegar and water
Fly trap
Make your own fly trap using vinegar, sugar and water
Make your own flypaper using syrup, sugar and paper
Fruit fly trap
Make your own fruit fly trap using a jar, funnel and vinegar
Fruit pest bait
Make your own fruit pest bait with waterm apple cider vinegar, sugar and molasses
Insect repellent
Make your own insect repellent with baby oil, dettol or vanilla extract and water
Simple fly trap
Make your own simple fly trap with vinegar, sugar and water

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