Recipes and ideas to make your own household items

Make your own homemade Personal hygiene products

Make your own Antiperspirant using ingredients such as rubbing alcohol, alum, rose water and regular water.
Make your own Cologne using ingredients such as rubbing alcohol, lavender, olive oil, bergamot and water
Make your own Deodorant using ingredients such as alum, baking soda and rubbing alcohol
Ear cleaner
Make your own ear cleaner using rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water
Mouthwash (mint)
Make your own mint mouthwash with water, soda drink, vegetable glycerine and peppermint or spearmint
Make your own Perfume using ingredients such as alcohol, cloves and orris root
Teeth Whitener
Make your own teeth whitener with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
Tooth powder
Make your own tooth powder with friut rind, baking soda and salt
Make your own Toothpaste using ingredients such as arrowroot, orris root, cinnamon, cloves, sage and water
Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth
Make your own Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth with vegetable glycerin, cosmetic clay, tincture of myrrh, peppermint and clove oil
Toothpaste recipe 2
Make your own toothpaste with baking soda, salt, glycerin and peppermint

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